Following the creation of one organisation from a group of four, the Executive Director of a large housing association needed to completely redesign his directorate – there was duplication of roles and staff on different terms and conditions which was leading to performance inefficiencies.

Working closely with the Executive Director, I reviewed core areas impacted and developed a more efficient organisation structure. I designed job roles with clear responsibilities and accountability that allowed the directorate to deliver against the business plan.  As a senior member of the change team I created effective recruitment assessment processes which included interview, presentation, psychometric tests and involved residents in selection for the first time.

At the request of the Executive Director, I managed the recruitment of director and heads of service roles.  This included designing interview questions and presentation topics; providing psychometric feedback to the candidate and interview panel (of which I was a part); and supporting the Executive Director during the whole process. I coached the HR team in the recruitment methodology so that it could be used as the restructure was applied by them to the remaining levels of the organisation once I had left.

If you are thinking about a restructure, either of your whole organisation or of a team please get in touch.