Welcome to Matt Simkin

professional support to help you develop, design and put your desired changes into action

We are different

We aren’t your usual HR consultancy, we have a simple, proven process and we take the time to understand your needs, your structures and what you want to change or the problems you are facing.  Once we know you and your company we ACT!

The thinking phase is when we’ll need to meet, and depending on the context, meet other members of your team too. During this phase, we will work to clarify key issues and outcomes. We will also scope activities, timescales and costs.

During the create phase, we draw on our extensive experience across many different sectors to create activities, policies, processes and other products that will target your key issues and meet your desired outcomes.

Depending on your needs, we will either take the lead in implementing the activities ourselves, or we will coach members of your team to build internal capability to ensure continued sustainable application.