In its bid to seek Charitable Incorporated Organisation status a charity was required to introduce new structures and operating processes whilst facing financial constraint. I undertook extensive discussion with the Chief Executive and leadership team to clarify requirements and understand how the people strategy needed to be adapted to ensure compliance.

Having clarified the scope of changes needed I created a road map of key issues in line with CIO requirements these included governance, people and a communications strategy to ensure consistent understand of new goals. I created a tailored Trustees’ training package to include both core requirements and to incorporate some issues that were specific to the charity.  Following feedback and further planning with the Chief Executive I then designed a focus and functional analysis workshop for Trustees and volunteers.

My contract was limited to delivering some of the activities required within the people strategy, including: a bespoke training day for Trustees and facilitating a workshop for more than 30 Volunteers, including the Executive Committee.  As a result, the charity members voted unanimously to adopt CIO status which is now being implemented.

If you are thinking about a change in direction for your organisation, then do contact me.